Vocational Service

Vocational Service is stressed in Rotary’s Object in these words: “To encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society.”

Statement on Vocational Service
Vocational Service is the way Rotary fosters and supports the application of the ideal of service in the pursuit of all vocations. Inherent in the Vocational Service ideal are:

  1. Adherence to, and promotion of, the highest ethical standards in all occupations, including faithfulness and fidelity to employers, employees, and associates, fair treatment for them and of competitors, the public, and all those with whom one has any business or professional relationships;
  2. The recognition of the worthiness to society of all useful occupations, not just one’s own or those which are pursued by Rotarians;
  3. The contribution of one’s vocational talents to the problems and needs of society.

Vocational Service is both the responsibility of a Rotary club and of its members. The role of the club is to implement and encourage the objective by frequent demonstration, by application to its own actions, by example, and by development of projects that help members contribute their vocational talents. The role of members is to conduct themselves, their businesses, and their professions in accordance with Rotary principles and to respond to projects which the club has developed.

No aspect of Rotary is more closely related to each member than a personal commitment to represent one’s vocation or occupation to fellow Rotarians and to exemplify the characteristics of high ethical standard and the dignity of work. Programs of vocational service are those which seek to improve business relations while improving the quality of trades, industry, commerce and the professions. Rotarians understand that each person makes a valuable contribution to a better society through daily activities in a business or profession.

Vocational Service is frequently demonstrated by offering young people career guidance, occupation information and assistance in making vocational choices. Some clubs sponsor high school career conferences. Many recognize the dignity of employment by honoring exemplary service of individuals working the their communities. “The 4-Way Test” and other ethical and laudable business philosophies are often promoted among young people entering the world or work. Vocational talks and discussion of business issues are also typical vocations service programs at most clubs.


Boulder Valley Rotary programs

College Scholarships – Several $2,000 scholarships are awarded annually to high school seniors, based upon a combination of financial need, scholarship/academic performance, community involvement and school activities.

RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards – This program encourages youth leadership and community involvement. Boulder Valley Rotary participates by sending several high school students to a 5-day leadership conference held each August at the YMCA of the Rockies, in Estes Park.

Junior RYLA – Boulder Valley Rotary provides scholarships for middle school leaders to attend the leadership conference geared for younger future leaders.

Vocational Scholarships – Several $500 scholarships are granted annually through the YWCA. The funds are used by young women for vocational training and education.

GENESIS – Boulder Valley Rotary has been involved with the GENESIS program for several years. GENESIS, a multi-agency effort spearheaded by the Boulder County Health Department, is a teen parenting support effort. Boulder Valley Rotary provides financial and tutoring support to this program.

Interact – Boulder Valley Rotary has participated in the Rotary Interact program, which is comprised of high school leaders who engage in Rotary club activities that mirror the clubs of their adult sponsors.