Club Awards

Annual Awards

Congratulations and thanks to these people for their on-going support of the ideals of Rotary.


Rotarian of the Year

For exceptional service by a Rotary member to the Rotary Club of Boulder Valley.

1985-86 Terry L. Davis
1986-87 James W. Quesenbery
1987-88 Alvin L. Morie
1988-89 Andrew B. James
1989-90 Burton S. Lee
1990-91 David W Molyneux
1991-92 Timothy P. Watson
1992-93 Jennifer A Rainy
1993-94 James W. Quesenbery
1993-94 Marilyn K. Reichenberg
1994-95 Ben W. Thompson
1995-96 Larry D. Parrish
1996-97 Christopher S. Johnson
1997-98 Edward S. Wittman
1998-99 Paul Hohbach
1999-00 Richard L. Hedges
2000-01 Robert J. Harberg
2001-02 Craig D. Pearson
2002-03 Kathy Zeidlik
2003-04 Charles F. Hix III
2004-05 Constance Holden
2005-06 Robert Sinton
2006-07 Robert H. Little
2007-08 Geoffrey C. Wheeler
2007-08* William H. Farrow
2008-09 James A. Thomas
2009-10 Cammie Cloman
2010-11 Robert Harberg
2011-12 Maud Huey-Kenyon
2012-13 Valerie Johnson
2013-14 Junior Weed-Ziegler
2014-15 Brad Lesch
2015-16 Charley Mallon
2016-17 John Kenyon

Service Above Self

For exceptional service by a Rotary member in any endeavor, not necessarily in a Rotary function.

1987-88 Donald E. May
1988-89 Terry L. Davis
1989-90 Raymond F. Marcus
1990-91 Burton S. Lee
1991-92 B. Scot Smith
1992-93 Dean P. Stull
1993-94 Robert C. Lundeen
1994-95 Kit T. Hollingshead
1995-96 Constance Holden
1996-97 Susan J. Chrisman
1997-98 Corinne Thul
1998-99 Jill L. Marce
1999-00 Donald A. Chapman
2000-01 D. Bruce Blankenship
2001-02 No award this year
2002-03 Joanne W. Smith
2003-04 No award this year
2004-05 Timothy P. Watson
2005-06 Susan J. Chrisman
2006-07 Charles F. Hix III
2007-08 India Hart Wood
2007-08* Paul J. Orzech
2008-09 Gary Gomulinski
2009-10 Junior Weed-Ziegler
2010-11 Gordon Gamm
2011-12 Jay Millard
2012-13 John Kenyon
2013-14 No award this year
2014-15 Charley Mallon
2015-16 Michael O’Neill & Pat Troeltzsch
2016-17 Bill & Pauline Farrow

Pacesetter Award

Recognizing the Rotarian who joined the club within the past Rotary year and has “Hit the Ground Running” in terms of interest, activity and contribution to club projects and goals.

1996-97 Joanne Wheeler Smith
1997-98 Richard L. Hedges
1998-99 Robert Sinton
1999-00 Patricia A. Farrington
2000-01 Candyce I. Wither
2001-02 Rachael Ollar
2002-03 R. Joshua Cook
2002-03 Carolyn Marino
2003-04 William H. Farrow
2003-04 India Hart Wood
2004-05 Jane Engel
2004-05 Derrick A. Borgmann
2005-06 Anne E. Watson
2006-07 Christopher A. Puccio
2007-08 Tim Conarro
2007-08* Thomas DeBie
2008-09 David Gardner
2009-10 Jay Millard
2010-11 Maud Huey-Kenyon
2011-12 Pat Troeltzsch
2012-13 Kevin Kelly
2013-14 Not given this year
2014-15 David Harper
2015-16 Josh Lewis
2016-17 Harma Drenth

Exceptional Service Award

Honoring the Rotarian who has worked above and beyond the call of duty.

2016-17 Michael O’Neill

Senior Active Award

Given to a senior active club members who have provided outstanding service to the club.

1996-97 James W. Quesenbery

District Governor’s 4-Way Test

This is awarded by the Governor of Rotary District 5450 to Rotarians best exemplifying the ideals of the 4-Way Test.

1995-96 Edward S. Wittman

Award of Excellence

Given to club members for generous contributions and support for the ideals of Rotary International.

2005-06 Gordon Gamm
2007-08 James S. Beckley

Gift to the World

This award seeks to recognize the Rotarian who has been our club’s treasurer for 21 years, and continues to excel at keeping our financials on track.

2015-16 Susan Chrisman

Special Membership Award

Recognizing Rotarians who have made outstanding contributions in bringing new members to our club.

2016-17 Tai Patwardhan and Kathy Stutzman