We meet every Tuesday at noon at the Millennium Harvest House Hotel, 1345 28th St., in Boulder.

Our Rotary club is a very active, socially engaged group of professionals. Our 70 members come together weekly to better our community and world, enjoy each others’ company, be inspired, and learn something from our speakers. You can download a summary page about our club and its activities.

Speaker’s Series

Each week we invite a different speaker to share their world with us at lunch. Recent speakers include a panel discussion among senate candidates, an expert on making speeches memorable, and a 70-year-old woman who spent two weeks in Iraq.

Community Service

Our club members help the Boulder community through the club’s grants program and fun volunteer events. We have rebuilt corrals at Medicine Horse, served dinner at Community Table, and held a joint meeting with immigrant English students from Intercambio de Comunidades.

International Activities

Our club members enjoy being members of the world community. We have hosted students and professionals from South Africa, Russia, Japan, Finland, Brazil, and many other nations. We organize grants to projects in developing countries using the successful Rotary model of local partnerships. Boulder’s sister city of Yamagata, Japan, is home to our outstanding sister club, Yamagata North Rotary.

Please join us any Tuesday for a free lunch! See the How to Join page for more information. We welcome diversity, community dedication, friendship, and thoughtfulness.

Please join our group on Facebook as well to learn more about our club: Boulder Valley Rotary Club Facebook Group